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  1. MAGnitude Performance Dashboard

    A dashboard providing information and data to the public on the highway system performance under the jurisdiction of the Maricopa Association of Governments.

  2. On the Move: the New Hampshire DOT Newsletter

    This internal newsletter won a Division 2 Publication Award in the 2015 TransComm Skills Contest. The newsletter is published seasonally and includes updates on DOT activities and personnel.

  3. 2014 MoDOT Multimodal Operations Business Plan

    A report on the plans of MoDOT's Multimodal Operations division for the 2014 fiscal year, outlining strategies and expected needs, as well as how those needs will be met.
  4. February 19, 2015

    MoDOT Tracker 10 Year Anniversary News Release

    An article on the celebration of 10 Years of Performance Management with the Tracker tool at MoDOT. Tracker allows MoDOT to measure how well products and services are delivered to its customers and has made the department a national leader in the area of performance management. For more information about Tracker, and to download this quarter's report go to

  5. MoDOT Tracker 10 Year Anniversary Connections Article

    An article in Connections, an online publication for active employees and retirees, on the celebration of 10 Years of Performance Management with the Tracker tool at MoDOT.

  6. MoDOT Tracker 10 Year Anniversary Express Lane Article

    An article in Express Lane, an online publication for transportation-related news and information, on the celebration of 10 Years of Performance Management with the Tracker tool at MoDOT.

  7. MoDOT Tracker 10 Year Anniversary Video

    This video was created to celebrate 10 years of Performance Management with MoDOT's Tracker tool.
  8. August 1, 2014

    Connecting Data, Connecting People: A Tool for Evaluating and Scoring Planned Projects

    This tool was created for TxDOT to assist the department's various departments, divisions and offices in managing and prioritizing projects. A scoring system was created for personnel to evaluate projects based on funding availability, project phasing and readiness, and how it fits within the department's strategic goals. The results inform future investments based on consistent assessment metrics, assisting decisions made by the legislature, department leadership, and state and local stakeholders
  9. August 1, 2014

    Optimizing PennDOT’s Snow Routes and Planning Process with GIS

    In an effort to save money throughout the state and the DOT's operations, a Snow Route Planning Application was created to address data gaps needed to assess winter operations as well as create better snow routing maps and deployment strategies to ensure equipment is being used efficiently. High level reports, developed for executive staff, allowed easy then easily drill downs to specific counties and truck assignments, making it easy to identify outliers and areas of focus. Items influenced by this project include policy creation, training needs, and personnel and equipment management.
  10. September 1, 2013

    Maryland SHA Mobility Report

    The inaugural Mobility Report was published in 2012 and documents congestion and reliability performance along state-maintained freeways and expressways for the previous year, as well as mitigation strategies implemented to address mobility challenges, and the outcomes of those strategies. Each subsequent Annual Mobility Report uses the previous year’s metrics as a benchmark to gauge changes in performance along the network and facilitate data-driven decision making for more efficient investments. Useful for both internal and external communications, this report contains detail reports on the following: Mobility & Reliability, Incident Management & Traveler Information Systems, Multi-Modalism & Smart Growth, Freight, Regionally Significant Corridor Performance, and Statewide Most Congested Locations.