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  1. Inclement Weather Emergency – Communications Strategies/Products

    This project was the 2011 John and Jane Public Competition winner. From TRB Committee ADA 60: The WSDOT Communications Team works year-round to establish its credibility as the first and best source of information. The team also keeps working on ways to educate the public on best practices for winter preparedness, where to get information and safe driving techniques in snow and ice. To keep drivers and the economy moving, WSDOT sent out printed materials to tire stores before winter, participated in public preparedness events and hosted media events at its materials warehouses to highlight what it would use during storms. After years of being recognized for its communication strategies, during the 2010-2011 fall and winter season, the WSDOT Communications team further increased its strategic resource sharing and reached out to find new communications tools and techniques. The 2010-2011 winter presented WSDOT with challenges. Multiple, unseasonably heavy and widespread snow and ice storms hit a region unaccustomed to snow and ice. Drivers had high expectations of WSDOT to deliver up-to-the-minute information and keep thousands of miles of road clear. WSDOT uses both traditional tools and cutting edge new technologies (blogs, social media, smartphone apps, and skype) to ensure people are prepared and informed. These cutting-edge tools take emergency communications to the next level, but staff also remember the rule of "make new but keep the old" and maintains its traditional media outreach, such as live radio reports, which studies show is a vital tool in emergency communications. Combining the new and keeping a focus on traditional provide the best methods to communicate to the public in an emergency, keeping the economy moving and giving drivers information to make the best and safest travel decisions.

  2. PennDOT #Slow4Zone Campaign

    This campaign won a Division 1 Excel Award in the 2015 TransComm Skills Contest. Social media posts were shared during National Work Zone Awareness week, with the goal of encouraging safe driving around work zones.
  3. February 19, 2015

    MoDOT TrackerĀ 10 Year Anniversary News Release

    An article on the celebration of 10 Years of Performance Management with the Tracker tool at MoDOT. Tracker allows MoDOT to measure how well products and services are delivered to its customers and has made the department a national leader in the area of performance management. For more information about Tracker, and to download this quarter's report go to
  4. June 1, 2015

    Measurement-Driven Operations Management

  5. June 1, 2015

    Where Passion Meets Performance: Corridor Capacity Report – WSDOT’s Multimodal System Performance Analysis

  6. August 1, 2014

    Optimizing PennDOT’s Snow Routes and Planning Process with GIS

    In an effort to save money throughout the state and the DOT's operations, a Snow Route Planning Application was created to address data gaps needed to assess winter operations as well as create better snow routing maps and deployment strategies to ensure equipment is being used efficiently. High level reports, developed for executive staff, allowed easy then easily drill downs to specific counties and truck assignments, making it easy to identify outliers and areas of focus. Items influenced by this project include policy creation, training needs, and personnel and equipment management.