Communicating Performance

This site provides tools to support transportation agencies’ performance management communication and reporting. You can use the site to discover examples of noteworthy performance management communications and to access selected guidance for practitioners. To get started, follow one of the links below.
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Browse a curated collection of noteworthy communications examples in an easily-searchable database. Enter specific search criteria and view matching examples.
Explore Communications Scenarios
Explore a set of illustrative performance management communications scenarios and proceed step-by-step through selected guidance and noteworthy examples.
Nominate Communications Resources
Nominate examples of great performance management communications by sending us links, documents, photos, or your own descriptions using the site’s submittal tool.
This website is a product of research supported by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Performance Management (SCOPM) on how state DOTs are communicating and reporting on transportation system performance management. Developed through NCHRP Project 20-24(93)B(02), the site collects examples of noteworthy performance management communications and provides tools, currently under development, to help transportation practitioners improve their own performance management communications. Comments, suggestions, questions? To help us improve the site, contact us directly.