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Summary: This project won an honorable mention in the 2011 John and Jane Public Competition. From TRB Committee ADA 60: The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) recognized the need to plan for the evacuation of Transportation Needs Populations in central Ohio. In FY 2008, MORPC was awarded one of two grants awarded nationally to develop a regional evacuation and emergency preparedness plan for Transportation Needs Populations, and to serve as a benchmark for similar plans throughout the nation in the future. A framework was developed to allow the various emergency preparedness plans in the region to be coordinated and consistent with a regional strategy that focuses on the Transportation Needs Populations. The framework is not intended to replace existing private sector, governmental, or other local emergency preparedness plans. Rather, it is intended to enhance existing agency plans by identifying potential conflicts and providing improvement and coordination recommendations to specific agencies, thus greatly minimizing the potential dangers of miscommunication or inconsistencies between plans. The project goal was to create a seamless framework for the region that builds upon and supplements jurisdictional plans that are already in place.

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