Optimizing PennDOT’s Snow Routes and Planning Process with GIS

Resource Overview

Date published: August 1, 2014
Resource type: Map, Presentation
External link: onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/conferences/2015/performancemeasurement/Harrison-PosterDD(1).pdf
Summary: In an effort to save money throughout the state and the DOT's operations, a Snow Route Planning Application was created to address data gaps needed to assess winter operations as well as create better snow routing maps and deployment strategies to ensure equipment is being used efficiently. High level reports, developed for executive staff, allowed easy then easily drill downs to specific counties and truck assignments, making it easy to identify outliers and areas of focus. Items influenced by this project include policy creation, training needs, and personnel and equipment management.

This document addresses the following performance areas:
Other Asset Types
System Performance.
Intended audiences: DOT Leadership, DOT Personnel, Peer-to-Peer
Intended messages: Lessons Learned: Communicating Performance
Intended messengers: DOT Communications, DOT Program Manager

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