Regional Parking Initiative: Videos and Posters

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Summary: This campaign was a 2012 John and Jane Public Competition winner. From TRB Committee ADA 60: Regional Parking Initiative is communicating with the public through alternative media and the use of humor and visual graphics. Staff presented a series of workshops on parking policies that included sessions with names such as “The Greedy Developer”, “How to Put Us to Work for You”. Cartoons with zombies poked fun at common parking policies, and Google Earth based-maps were used to demonstrate concepts. The financial implications of parking policies are largely overlooked. Central to this communications effort, MTC created four short provocative videos, a newscast, and visual posters to stimulate creative thinking, and invigorate and inform the purely policy discussions throughout the region, adding to more technical work. This effort begins to provide a foundation for conversations about the financial implications of the choices, so that we can develop public support for the transportation systems that serves the public interest.

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System Performance.
Intended audiences: Public
Intended messages: Case for Funding
Intended messengers: Elected Official

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