Sitting in Traffic Again? I-295 in the Vicinity of I-76 & NJ 42

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Date published: September 1, 2013
Resource type: Collateral or Brochure
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Summary: Congestion continues to be a tough problem to manage, but there are techniques that can assist decision makers, planners, engineers, and other transportation professionals better understand the causes of congestions and methods to diminish it. In this document, I-295 in the vicinity of I-76 and NJ 42 is the case study used to illustrate traditional problems and mitigation strategies which can be transfered to other agencies.

This document addresses the following performance areas:
System Performance.
Intended audiences: DOT Leadership, DOT Personnel, Elected Official, Public, Technical
Intended messages: I Can Explain, We're Accountable
Intended messengers: DOT Partner

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