Strategic Model Results in 3-D using Google Earth

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Summary: This model was a 2013 John and Jane Public Competition winner. From TRB Committee ADA 60: There are many ways to show transport model results. For example, results can be shown within the modeling software interface itself, within a spatial software interface such as MapInfo or ArcGIS, or even analysis interfaces such as Microsoft Excel. The downside of all these methods are that the viewer would need some form of license to access the software. To improve the accessibility for users who only want to view and analyze model results, Sinclair Knight Merz developed a tool that converts these results into the Google Earth software platform. Link- and node-based results can be shown seamlessly and interactively in a three-dimensional form with an imagery background. With a simple click of any link, viewers are able to see detailed data, such as total private vehicles, commercial vehicles, volume-to-capacity ratio, posted speed, modeled speed, and other scenario information.

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