UDOT Zero Fatalities “Twist” Campaign

Resource Overview

Date published: February 3, 2013
Resource type: Advertisement, Audio/Video, Infographic, Social Media, Website/ Tool
External link: ut.zerofatalities.com/prevention_buckling.php
Summary: The "Zero Fatalities" video advertisement and complementary campaign was meant to bring attention to the fact that seat belts are the primary factor in automobile accident fatalities. The four main goals of the campaign include 1) to inspire more motorists to wear their seat belts; 2) to create a seat belt “conversation starter” engaging the public, media and lawmakers; 3) to utilize controversy generated by the campaign to highlight the importance of wearing a seat belt; and 4) to set the stage for Utah lawmakers to pass a primary seat belt law in 2015.

This document addresses the following performance areas:
Intended audiences: Elected Official, Media, Public
Intended messages: Building Trust, I Can Explain
Intended messengers: DOT PR

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