VTrans Annual Report 2016

VTrans Fact Book 2016

Resource Overview

Date published: January 11, 2016
Resource type: Collateral or Brochure, Infographic, Map, Report
External link: vtrans.vermont.gov/sites/aot/files/planning/documents/planning/VTrans%20Fact%20Book%20and%20Annual%20Report%202016.pdf
Summary: The VTrans Annual Report provides an agency-wide perspective on transportation system operations, conditions, performance and more. Distinguished by a strong graphical approach to data displays, the report presents ample contextual information to serve as a valuable resource to the general public as well as agency and legislative staff.

This document addresses the following performance areas:
System Performance.
Intended audiences: Media, Public
Intended messages: We're Accountable, We've Got This
Intended messengers: Agency Wide, DOT Leadership, DOT PR

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