We Move Massachusetts Planning for Performance Tool

Resource Overview

Date published: May 1, 2014
Resource type: Infographic, Map, Photo/Image, Report
External link: www.massdot.state.ma.us/Portals/22/Docs/WMM_Planning_for_Performance.pdf
Summary: WMM is the first Long Range Transportation Plan for Massachusetts. The goal was to support multi-modal programmatic funding and performance trade-off analysis in support of the Administration’s efforts to convince the state legislature to increase transportation capital funding. The Tool is also being used to assess the impact of funding allocations on MassDOT’s primary goals. Written in a non-technical and highly graphic way, it is intended to convey, to both high-level policy makers and informed stakeholders, the programmatic and policy choices available to the state. The Planning for Performance Tool is a simple spreadsheet tool which can be used by MassDOT managers now and in the future to analyze “what if” funding scenarios and receive real time feedback on a series of performance measures

This document addresses the following performance areas:
Economic Development
Environmental Sustainability
System Performance
Intended audiences: Elected Official, Public
Intended messages: Case for Funding
Intended messengers: DOT Leadership, DOT Program Manager

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