Web-Based Statewide Plan Benefits and Challenges

Resource Overview

Date published: October 1, 2013
Resource type: Presentation, Website/ Tool
External link: coloradotransportationmatters.com/
Summary: The Statewide Transportation Plan (SWP) is being developed as a “web-based plan” using both innovative and traditional communications tools and technology for presentation and dissemination. The website is designed to engage Coloradans to help shape the future of our transportation system, boasts a range of interactive features designed to answer the three fundamental questions of what the SWP is, why it’s important to Coloradans, and how people throughout the state can get involved in shaping it.

This document addresses the following performance areas:
Economic Development
System Performance
Intended audiences: Elected Official, Public
Intended messages: Case for Funding, We're Accountable
Intended messengers: Agency Wide, DOT Program Manager

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