The Scenario

The state legislature is debating a transportation funding increase. If passed, the legislation could result in a nearly 20 percent increase in spending on the agency’s pavement and bridge programs for each of the next eight years. The agency wants to make a strong case that increased investment will result in increased performance. The agency has modeled investment scenarios both with and without the funding increase. Now with the modeled performance results in hand, the agency wants to pursue a two-pronged communications strategy. One element will be to prepare a presentation specifically targeting legislators. The objective of the presentation will be to show how the agency’s planned investments will produce performance gains in bridge and pavement condition. In order to tell a compelling story, the presentation will maximize the use of proven examples. At the same time, the agency will launch a local advertising campaign designed to build public support for the funding increase. The objective of the effort will be to help the public see beyond the “now,” and consider long-term implications of relatively higher or lower investment levels.

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