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The following communications scenarios each present a challenging situation requiring performance management communications. You can browse the scenarios in order to access noteworthy communications products and selected guidance.

Telling the story

Communicating outputs, outcomes, and impacts

Reporting progress

Performance management-related plans

Putting performance in perspective

Agency’s performance is lagging behind peers’

Educating the public

Measures and targets

Facing extreme weather

Winter response

Funding choices

Investing in performance

Opening for business

Building project support

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Telling the Story

The agency is seeking to establish a performance reporting dashboard with a clear graphical data display that appeals to the general public.

Putting Performance in Perspective

The agency wants to produce communications products that will help provide context for a performance gap.

Reporting Progress

The agency is developing communications products that will complement the publication of its statewide asset management plan.

Educating the Public

The agency seeks to educate the public on the fundamentals of performance management: what is measured, why it is measured, and why it matters.

Facing Extreme Weather

The agency wants to provide information on winter maintenance operations during and after extreme weather events.

Funding Choices

The agency wants to make a strong case that increased investment will result in increased performance.

Opening for Business

The agency wants to present the case for the public’s investment in a new facility in a manner that highlights the impacts that the users of the system experience.